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저널레터 : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng., Vol. 30, No. 4 한국소음진동공학회 2020-10-26
2020년 8월 제 30권 제 4호 통권 255호
이중 선형 감쇠특성을 갖는 새로운 형태의 MR 댐퍼 설계 및 해석
Design and Analysis of a Novel MR Damper with Bilinear Damping Characteristics
김보규 · 윤달성 · 김기우 · 최승복
Bo-Gyu Kim, Dal Seong Yoon, Gi-Woo Kim, and Seung-Bok Choi
In this study, we propose a novel MR damper with bilinear damping characteristics realized through open-loop control alone. The bilinear damping characteristics are a high damping coefficient at low stroke speed and a low damping coefficient at high...
압축센싱 기법을 이용한 날개끝 보텍스 캐비테이션 발생위치 및 강도 추정 연구
Localization and Source-strength Estimation of Tip Vortex Cavitation Noise Using Compressive Sensing
김용현 · 설한신 · 이정훈 · 정홍석
Yong-Hyun Kim, HanShin Seol, Jeung-Hoon Lee and HongSeok Jeong
Currently, in propeller performance evaluation, localization and source-strength estimation of propeller cavitation are emphasized. To change this, in the current investigation, a practical estimation method using a compressive sensing framework...
기존 표준 충격원의 개선 필요성 및 신 연발성 충격원 개발 방향에 대한 전문가 대상 설문조사
Survey of Experts on the Need to Improve Existing Standard Heavy-weight Impact Source and the Development Direction of New Continuous Heavy-weight Impact Source
김수홍 · 송민정 · 류종관
Suhong Kim, Minjeong Song and Jongkwan Ryu
Apartments are a suitable type of housing for a densely populated nation like Korea. Most of the complaints in apartment buildings are about the noise between floors. While children running are the main cause of inter-floor noise and have a moving point of...
중량충격음 레벨의 주관적 인지 변화에 대한 연구:
동일한 단일수치 평가량을 갖는 충격음을 대상으로
Changes in Subjective Perceptions of Heavyweight Impact Sound Levels with the Same Single-number Quantity of Floor Impact Sound Insulation
조현민 · 김신태 · 김명준
Hyun-Min Cho, Sin-Tae Kim and Myung-Jun Kim
In this study, the noise perception rate was evaluated using subjective auditory experiments. Changes in the noise levels in various frequency band conditions with the same single-number quantity of floor impact noise insulation performance were evaluated. A difference...
호모토피법을 이용한 압축센싱 기반 음원위치추정 알고리듬의
Improvement of Compressive-sensing Based Sound Source Localization by Using Homotopy Method
김용현 · 이정훈
Yong-Hyun Kim and Jeung-Hoon Lee
The iterative hard thresholding (IHT) algorithm is a popular approach for solving compressive-sensing based sound source localization. However, IHT has major drawbacks, such as excessive iterations, or failure to converge if the algorithm step size is inappropriate. In this study...
차량 프런트 도어 윈도우의 작동 소음 저감
Reduction in Operating Noise in Front-door Window of a Vehicle
권성민 · 심우정 · 윤신 · 최재홍 · 박강일 · 이승철 · 정진태
Seongmin Kwon, Woojeong Sim, Seen Yun, Jaehong Choi, Kang-il Park, Seungchul Lee and Jintai Chung
In this study, the operating noise of a front-door window of a vehicle was studied. The time response and frequency spectrum of this noise were measured through experiments and analyzed. To investigate the mechanism of the operating noise, the sound pressure level and frequency...
통과소음도를 이용한 차종 분류 기계학습 모형


Machine Learning Model for Classification of Vehicles Using Pass-by Noise Level
이재관 · 김보경 · 노유진 · 장서일
Jaekwan Lee, Bo Kyeong Kim, Yu jin Noh and Seo Il Chang
Artificial neural network model was utilized to classify vehicle types into motorcycle, light and heavy vehicles by using pass-by noise datasets. For the training, three sample datasets were collected from a one-lane and one-way road. These datasets are for...
북한산국립공원 탐방로 소리등급도 제작 연구
Sound Grade Classification of Bukhansan National Park Trails
유지수 · 장서일 · 기경석
Jisu Yoo, Seo Il Chang and Kyong Seok Ki
The soundscape of national parks play an important role in preserving habitats and providing relaxation to visitors. However, several national parks in Korea are surrounded by large cities and sound emissions from the road traffic of these adjoining cities. Therefore, in...
주행특성을 이용한 온 마운트 장비 추적 차량의 진동 프로파일
Development of Vibration Profiles of Tracked Vehicle with On-mount Equipment Using Driving Characteristics
서성원 · 이은호 · 이승한 · 곽도혁 · 김창남 · 박노철
SungWon Suh, EunHo Lee, Seoung-Han Lee, Do-Hyuk Kwak,
Chang-Nam Kim and No-Cheol Park
Military products require more product life considerations than civilian products. Equipment mounted on the operating means is continuously exposed to vibrations. Therefore, vibration is an important environmental factor to consider during product...
차량용 초음파 센서에서 파동유도관에 의한 최소 탐지거리 단축
Shortening the Minimum Detectable Distance in an Ultrasonic Sensor for Automobiles by a Waveguide
임성구 · 안재혁 · 김진오
Sung Gu Lim, Jae Hyuck An and Jin Oh Kim
In this study, a method of shortening the minimum detectable distance of an ultrasonic sensor for the distance measurement of automobiles was developed. It is necessary to overcome the limitations of the minimum detectable distance, which is induced...
함정탑재장비용 대용량 마운트의 성능검증시험방안
Performance Test Specification for Large-capacity Mounts of Naval Shipboard Machinery
문석준 · 김의영 · 김흥섭 · 박진우 · 김원
Seok-jun Moon, Eui-Young Kim, Heung-Sub Kim, Jin-Woo Park and Won Kim
The mounts installed in the main engines and generators among the naval shipboard equipment require a relatively large capacity and are one of the parts that localization development is proceeding. In order to develop these parts, an effective evaluation method...
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