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저널레터 : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng., Vol. 30, No. 5 한국소음진동공학회 2020-10-26
2020년 10월 제 30권 제 5호 통권 256호
유체-구조 연성을 고려한 기저막 운동에서 와우공 크기의 영향
Effects of Helicotrema Size in the Motions of Basilar Membrane with Consideration of Fluid-structure Interactions
박윤영 · 이두호
Yun-Yeong Park and Dooho Lee
Helicotrema is a tiny opening located in the apex region of cochlea that connects two cochlear scala such that the fluid can freely flow between the scala vestibuli and scala tympani. The effects of the size of helicotrema on the vibrational characteristics of...
자동격자생성 알고리듬을 이용한 주름관을 갖는 배관계의 효율적 진동 분석
Effective Vibration Analysis of a Piping System with Bellows Using Automatic Mesh Generation Algorithm
박만수 · 심민정 · 장성길 · 정의봉
Man-Su Park, Min-Jung Sim, Seong-Gil Jang and Weui-Bong Jeong
In this study, an automatic mesh generation algorithm was developed for efficient finite shell element modeling of piping systems with bellows. For pre-processing of finite element analysis, a pipe geometry should be modeled using meshing software. However...
발전기 고정자 웨지 건전성평가를 위한 신호분석 기법
Signal Analysis Technique for Integrity Evaluation of Generator Stator Wedge
오준석 · 손종덕 · 김희수 · 송기욱 · 배용채
Joonseok Oh, Jongduk Son, Heesoo Kim, Geewook Song and Yongchae Bae
This paper proposes the signal analysis technique for the evaluation of generator stator wedge tightness. To improve the existing qualitative method based on sound inspection, an impact excitation test was performed on the manufactured...
항공기 탑재 발사대의 발사관 장입 로켓의 로켓 장입 상태에 따른 동특성 변화 분석
Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics Change According to Rockets Loading Status of Rocket Loaded in a Launch Tube of an Airborne Launcher
정회인 · 박지환 · 남규빈 · 이유경
Hoein Jeong, Jihwan Park, Guebin Nam and Yukyoung Lee
This paper presents an analysis of a change in the dynamic characteristics with respect to the loading status of the rocket which is loaded in a launch tube of an airborne launcher. In addition, it determines the procedures for durability test. It was confirmed that...
수중날개 부가탄성을 고려한 고유 응답 예측 연구
Natural Vibrations of Hydrofoils Considering Added Stiffness Effects
조범진 · 홍석윤 · 송지훈 · 권현웅
Beom-Jin Joe, Suk-Yoon Hong, Jee-Hun Song and Hyun-Wung Kwon
Analyses of natural behaviors of flexible underwater structures are necessary for designing flexible hydrofoils and propellers. The added mass and stiffness of hydrofoils and propellers have an influence on the natural frequencies of underwater structures. In...
항공기 외부 장착물 장착 경계조건의 중력 방향에 따른 동특성 영향 분석
Analysis of Dynamic Characteristic According to the Gravity Direction of the Boundary Condition for Aircraft External Store
박지환 · 정회인 · 이유경 · 안선규
Jihwan Park, Hoein Jeong, Yukyoung Lee and Sungyu Ahn
In order to verify durability in the vibration environment of the Swaybrace-Lug mounting type aircraft external store, vibration testing was carried out in accordance with the MIL-STD-810. The vibration test fixture transmits vibrations that began...
유동환경을 고려한 탄성공명패널의 흡음특성에 관한 연구


A Study on Sound Absorption Characteristics of Elastic Resonance Panel Considering Flow Environment
최요셉 · 홍석윤 · 송지훈 · 권현웅 · 노희민
Yo-Seb Choi, Suk-Yoon Hong, Jee-Hun Song, Hyun-Wung Kwon,
Hee-Min Noh
As high-speed railways are continuously being developed, the elastic resonance panels are gaining more attention as a way to reduce railway noise. To develop an elastic resonance panel for high-speed railway applications, the flow environment must be considered. In this...
등가 대기 속도를 활용한 돌풍 하중에 따른 무인 항공기 고소작업대의 구조물 안전성 해석
Structural Stability Analysis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on the Maintenance Lift According to the Gust Load Utilizing the Equivalent Airspeed
류현기 · 손동훈 · 김 준 · 이동근 · 박경수
Hyeon-Gi Ryu, Dong-Hun Son, Joon Kim, Dong-Geun Lee, Kyoung-Su Park
Structural stability analysis of a high maintenance lift mounting an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) like a scissor lift was carried out. The dynamic test of UAV requires the maintenance lift. However, while the dynamic test was being carried out, a gust load in the form of...
발전기 비동기 투입에 의한 터빈-발전기 축계 고진동 해소 사례
A Case Study Correcting High Vibration of Turbine Generator Shaft System Caused by Synchronization Out-of-phase
정혁진 · 이우광 · 송우석
Hyuk-Jin Chung, Woo-Kwang Lee and Woo-Sok Song
This paper presents the diagnosis and cause analysis method for the abnormal vibration of turbine generator shaft system that occur as a result of out-of-phase synchronization of a generator of the power plant. In addition...
근전도 기반 손동작 인식을 이용한 모바일 로봇의 원격 제어
Remote Control of Mobile Robot Using Electromyogram-based Hand Gesture Recognition
이다운 · 손정우
Daun Lee and Jung Woo Sohn
In the present work, a novel method to control the motion of mobile robot remotely using hand gesture recognition technique is proposed. The mobile robot moves or performs a predefined action according to the recognized user’s hand gesture. For...
단일 수치 평가량이 동일한 고무공 충격음의 주파수 레벨 변화에 따른 주관적 반응 평가
Subjective Response on the Octave Band Level Change of Rubber Ball Sound with the Same Single-number Quantity
김우정 · 조현민 · 김명준
Woo-Jung Kim, Hyun-Min Cho and Myung-Jun Kim
In the evaluation of a single-number quantity for heavy impact source in accordance with KS F 2863-2, an upper value that exceeds the reference curves would be likely to be decided at 63 Hz, particularly for the floating floor structures. In this case, the...
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