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저널레터 : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng., Vol. 30, No. 6 한국소음진동공학회 2020-12-24
2020년 12월 제 30권 제 6호 통권 257호
구조물 진동의 시각적 확대를 통한 인지성 향상
Visual Extension of Object Vibration to Enhance Recognition
전형섭 · 손기성 · 채경선 · 박재석 · 김세오
Hyeong-Seop Jeon, Ki-Sung Son, Gyung-Sun Chae, Jae-Seok Park and
Se-Oh Kim
Thus far, many studies have focused on measuring structural vibration using camera image signal. Recently, a study on motion extension using camera image has been introduced. Motion extension technology helps in the visual recognition of structural vibration. In conventional...
청감실험을 통한 실내에서의 저주파 소음의 단일수치평가량 제안
Suggestion of Single Number Quantity for Low Frequency Noise in Indoor Space through Auditory Experiments
송한솔 · 김정훈 · 이송미 · 김수홍 · 류종관
Hansol Song, Jeonghun Kim, Songmi Lee, Suhong Kim and Jongkwan Ryu
In this study, new single number quantities (SNQs) based on 1/3 octave band sound pressure levels and low-frequency noise criteria were proposed to evaluate low-frequency noise in indoor spaces. The suitability of the...
하이브리드 모델링 기법과 베이지안 최적화를 통한 엔진
마운트 응답개선
Engine Mount Response Improvement Using Hybrid Modeling and Bayesian Optimization
강성호 · 양성수 · 김성준 · 주형준 · 강연준
Seong Ho Kang, Sung Soo Yang, Seoung Joon Kim, Hyung Jun Ju and Yeon June Kang
This paper presents a method for predicting and improving the response of the engine mount using hybrid modeling technique and Bayesian optimization. The hybrid modeling technique based on the FRF based substructuring (FBS) theory can improve the accuracy...
대형팬 구동 환경에서의 이동식 위성통신 안테나 진동 저감
Methodology of Vibration Reduction for Satellite Communication Antenna in Large Fan Operating Environments
이은호 · 전종익 · 정의봉 · 박노철
Eun-Ho Lee, Jong-Ik Jeon, Eui-Bong Jeong and No-Cheol Park
A large offset antenna, which is used as military satellite communication terminal, is generally operated in extremely harsh environments. As a very large reflector is mounted, the reflector has to undergo communication performance tests for external forces such as wind...
발코니 배수소음 저감용 드레인 덮개의 기존주택 실증 적용
An Application of Drain Cover for Reducing Balcony Drainage Noise in the Existing House
송민정 · 강민우 · 오양기
Min-Jeong Song, Min-Woo Kang and Yang-Ki Oh
The site conditions around the drainpipe in the existing apartment houses were very different from the original construction conditions, and each house was in poor condition due to repair and damage. If the conditions around the drain pipe are good, the reduction in the application...
하부설치 제어봉구동장치의 내진시험 지그 설계
Design of Seismic Test Jig for Bottom Mounted Control Rod Drive Mechanism
선종오 · 이지훈 · 김경호 · 조영갑
Jong-Oh Sun, Jihoon Lee, Gyeong Ho Kim and Yeong-Garp Cho
A bottom mounted control rod drive mechanism (BMCRDM) for Kijang Research Reactor has been developed and its safety functions during safe shutdown earthquake events should be verified by conducting tests according to KEPIC END 2000. Furthermore, the test object should be...
MIL-STD-167-1A의 탄성회전체 진동 기준치 개선에 대한
Research for Improvement of Flexible Rotor Vibration Criteria in
김용훈 · 한형석 · 전수홍 · 이청원
Yonghoon Kim, Hyungsuk Han, Soohong Jeon and Cheongwon Lee
MIL-STD-167-1A is a test method standard for mechanical vibrations of shipboard equipment. This standard classifies vibration into two types which are Type I environmental vibration and Type II internally excited vibration. This study is focused only on the Type II internally...
부가유로를 갖는 MR 댐퍼의 퍼지 제어성능 및 승차감 평가
Fuzzy Control Performance and Ride Comfort Evaluation of MR Damper with Additional Flow Path
전경호 · 정유섭 · 한영민 · 오종석
Kyungho Jeon, Ruseob Juong, Young-Min Han and Jong-Seok Oh
Recently, with the increasing demand to improve the ride comfort of passengers, studies on the Magnetorheological(MR) dampers that improve the ride comfort have been increased significantly. Among these studies, study on the MR damper with additional flow...
발사환경에 대한 전자광학탑재체의 구조건전성 검증
Validation of Structural Safety on Electro-optical Payload under Launch Environment
윤도희 · 권성철
Do-hee Yoon and Seong-Cheol Kwon
In this study, a structural model was manufactured and a launch environment test was conducted to verify that the designed Electro-optical payload could withstand the launch environment. Two tests were conducted: random vibration test and shock test. In random vibration test, a notching...
철로의 파동 전파특성 분석을 통한 무한 레일의 등가 동적물성
Prediction of the Equivalent Dynamic Properties of Infinite Rail with Wave Propagation Analysis on the Railway Track
김 걸 · 박준홍
Jie Jin and Junhong Park
In this study, an experimental method is proposed to measure rail properties in discretely supported tracks. The variations in the dynamic characteristics of the rail pad according to the excitation were estimated. To simulate the equivalent stiffness of the fastening system due...
2단 적재선반의 지진시 거동에 관한 실험 연구
Experimental Assessment on Seismic Behavior of Steel Storage Racks
백은림 · 최형석 · 서영득 · 김충길
Eun-Rim Baek, Hyoung-Suk Choi, Young-Deuk Seo and Chung-Gil Kim
Storage racks are usually damaged due to earthquakes. Storage racks which are accessible by public should be designed according to the Korean Design Standards (KDS) such that it can bear earthquake load. However, existing research on the dynamic behavior and structural performance...
콘크리트 슬래브에 고정된 사용 후 몰드변압기의 지진 응답
Seismic Response Characteristics of Used Molded Transformer Anchored on Concrete Slab
이상문 · 전법규 · 윤다운 · 김성완 · 정우영
Sang-Moon Lee, Bub-Gyu Jeon, Da-Won Yoon, Sung-Wan Kim and
Woo-Young Jung
In this study, shaking table tests were conducted for the molded transformers used in hydropower plants. To implement the actual site conditions, the anchor bolt was installed and secured to the concrete slab with the load cell installed in the anchorage to observe and analyze the load...
스마트 기술을 활용한 승강기 위험 상황 자동 예측판단 기법 개발
Development of Automatic Prediction Method for Elevator Hazard Situation Using Smart Technology
박찬용 · 이창훈 · 최병근 · 서상윤
Chan-Yong Park, Chang-hun Lee, Byoung-Keun Choi and Sang-Yoon Seo
In Korea, the first elevator was introduced in 1910. Thereafter, Korea has been ranked 3rd in installation and 7th in maintenance worldwide. During the last five years, an average of 35 000 elevators per year have been installed, and the total number of installed elevator increases...
전기자동차의 사운드디자인 개선을 위한 CFRP 스피커의 음향 특성 연구
Acoustic Characteristics of CFRP Speakers for the Improvement of Sound Design of Electric Vehicles
정해성 · 이상권
Haeseong Jeong, Sang-Kwon Lee
The noise characteristics of electric vehicles (EVs) and internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) are different. Compared with vehicles with combustion engines, cars are quieter and have a lower interior overall sound pressure. The sound quality in the compartment of an EV...
거친 환경에 최적화된 가속도계 무선 데이터 로깅모듈
Wireless Data Logging System with Accelerometer Optimized in Harsh Conditions
박승호 · 류현기 · 이창민 · 김상현 · 정회인 · 박경수
Seung-Ho Park, Hyeon-Gi Ryu, Chang-Min Lee, Sang-Hyun Kim,
Hoe-In Jeong and Kyoung-Su Park
A wireless data logging system connected with accelerometer was developed for measuring vibration in harsh environment where conventional vibration equipment could not be used, e.g., on deck of the battleship, surface of the submarine or airplane, etc. To minimize...
녹색건축인증제도에서 음환경분야의 등급 획득현황 분석 및 개선방안 고찰
A Study on the Analysis of Obtaining Grades and Improvement in the Sound Environment Performance Field in Green Building Certification
Kwan-seop Yang
This study analyzed the effect of the green building certification system, which affects the performance level of buildings, on the sound environment performance field of buildings. To this end, we analyzed the status of certified grades by evaluation items in the sound environment...
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