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저널레터 : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng., Vol. 31, No. 1 한국소음진동공학회 2021-02-22
2021년 2월 제 31권 제 1호 통권 258호
도어 운동에너지 측정기의 개발 및 검증
Development and Verification of Door Kinetic Energy Measuring Instrument
서상윤 · 박찬용 · 이창훈 · 최병근
Sang-Yoon Seo, Chan-Yong Park, Chang-Hun Lee and Byeong-Keun Choi
The elevator inspection, which was conducted in 2012, was performed by introducing the EN code; however, this code was applied only to the MRL elevators based on a complete revision of the domestic inspection standards. With the introduction of new standards, items that...
추진축과 스트러트 베어링 간 스틱슬립 비선형 마찰진동으로 인해 발생한 이상소음의 분석
Analysis of the Abnormal Sound Caused by the Stick-slip Nonlinear Vibration Occurred Between Strut Bearing and Propulsion Shaft
한형석 · 전수홍 · 이청원 · 김용훈
Hyungsuk Han, Soohong Jeon, Chungwon Lee and Yonghoon Kim
When the propulsion shaft is rotating, friction-induced vibrations can occur between the shaft and bearing according to the lubrication condition. For ship applications, a water-lubrication bearing is usually adapted at the strut...
에어컨 실외기 패널의 진동저감
Vibration Reduction in the Outdoor Unit Panel of an Air Conditioner
백종희 · 김원진
Jong-Hui Baek and Won-Jin Kim
In this paper, a method for improving the hardness of the mount is proposed in order to reduce the vibration of the air conditioner outdoor unit panel. First, the vibration level of the first harmonic frequency was determined, which was found to...
화장실 소음 성능기준 설정방안 고찰
A Suggestion of Noise Standards for Water Supply and Drainage in Restroom
양관섭 · 신혜경 · 김경우
Kwan-Seop Yang, Hye-Kyung Shin and Kyoung-Woo Kim
This study aimed to suggest standards concerning apartment restroom noise, which is known to be the second most frequent noise complaint of residents, after floor-impact noise. To investigate the noise level, the restroom noise of 60 households has been measured from...
음성인식 및 머신러닝 기술을 적용한 모터 소음 진단법에
대한 연구
A Study on A Motor Noise Diagnosis Method Using Voice Recognition and Machine Learning Techniques
김현식 · 정재호 · 백운경
Hyun Sik Kim, Jae Ho Chung and Woon Kyung Baek
Motor noise is one of the important quality factors for motor performance. Generally, in a motor production line, motor noise is inspected by a skilled worker. Because motor noise can be caused by a variety of sources or combinations thereof, it is difficult...
소음 신호를 이용한 딥러닝 이용 파워 드라이빙 시스템의
건전성 감시
Health Monitoring of Power Driving System Using Sound Signal based on Deep Learning
김선원 · 안강현 · 백지선 · 이상권 · 이창호 · 김풍길
Seon-Won Kim, Kanghyeon An, Jiseon Back, Sang-Kwon Lee, Changho Lee and Pungil Kim
The power driving system (PDS) comprises parts such as the chain, sprocket, gear, bearing, and rotating shaft. The purpose of this study is to develop a condition-monitoring device that diagnoses component defects early by using a convolutional neural...
와이어로프 타입 마운트의 가속도-주파수 의존 동강성 및
감쇠 추정
Frequency-acceleration Dependent Dynamic Stiffness and Damping Estimation of Wire Rope Type Mount
배승훈 · 김선민 · 김대환 · 박태국 · 김영민 · 임세성
Seunghoon Bae, Sunmin Kim, Daehwan Kim, Taekook Park, Yeongmin Kim and Seseong Lim
The wire mount, which is made of metal and is suitable for harsh environments, has a rubber-like nonlinear hysteresis (for example, stiffness and damping). To estimate the nonlinear property according to the excitation acceleration, the transmissibility and...
전달행렬법을 이용한 집중 질량 진자형 원심진자 흡진기 검토
Investigation of the Point-Mass Pendulum Centrifugal Pendulum Absorber Using Transfer Matrix Method
곽규빈 · 이형일
Gyubin Kwak and Hyeong-ill Lee
The transfer matrix for a simple centrifugal pendulum absorber (CPA) is defined using the vector-type four-pole parameter method. The matrix is validated by comparing the angular accelerance of the absorber obtained by the transfer-matrix method (TMM) adopting...
초음파 수위계의 최소 탐지거리 단축을 위한 파동유도관
Waveguide Shortening Minimum Detectable Distance in an Ultrasonic Level Meter
안병호 · 허인재 · 김진오
Byeong Ho An, In Jae Heo and Jin Oh Kim
This paper describes a method to shorten the minimum detectable distance of an ultrasonic sensor in a liquid-level meter. The minimum detectable distance, which is limited by the number of ultrasonic transmission pulses and the ringing of the vibration plates...
CNN을 활용한 카오스 신호 분류 검증
Chaos Signal Classification and Verification Using CNN
남재현 · 강재영
Jaehyeon Nam and Jaeyoung Kang
The aim of the study was to classify the chaotic time-series data with the nonlinear problem using the convolutional neural network (CNN), and to determine and verify the chaotic characteristics from a deterministic system. The classical nonlinear differential equation...
탄소강화플라스틱 소재의 복합 가진에 따른 동특성 분석
Dynamic Analysis of Carbon-fiber-reinforced Plastic Material under Mixed Excitation Mode
Chan-Jung Kim
The modal parameter of a carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic(CFRP) can be obtained through frequency response functions. It has been reported to vary with operational conditions, temperature, spectral loading patterns, as well as the direction of the carbon fibers. Previous...
FE 모델향상 기법을 이용한 세장한 아치구조의 경계조건 결정
Determination of Boundary Conditions for a Slender Arch Structure Using the FE Model Updating Technique
Soon-Ho Cho
For a long time, finite element analysis was widely used as an analytical tool to predict the modal parameters of large civil structures such as frequencies and mode shapes. However, their predicted responses normally do not correlate well with those observed because...
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