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저널레터 : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng., Vol. 31, No. 2 한국소음진동공학회 2021-04-21
2021년 4월 제 31권 제 2호 통권 259호
부분 기여도 함수를 이용한 Heat Pump 건조기의 소음원
기여도 분석
Contribution Analysis of Heat Pump Dryer Noise Using Partial Coherence Function
탁언수 · 안세진 · 정의봉 · 장진만 · 장철민
Un-Su Tark, Se-Jin Ahn, Weui-Bong Jeong, Jin-Man Jang and Cheol-Min Jang
To effectively reduce noise from heat pump (HP) dryers equipped with various components that are potential noise sources, a contribution analysis of the noise generated by each component is...
먼지시험 환경에서의 탄소섬유 강화복합재 마찰소음 특성
Friction Noise of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials in Dusty Environment
김선혜 · 강재영
Seonhye Kim and Jaeyoung Kang
In this study, we investigated the characteristics of friction noise caused by the friction between carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) pins and plates in a dusty environment. A reciprocation tester...
수중방사소음 예측을 위한 빔형성 방법 기반 추진기
캐비테이션 음원준위 추정
Estimation of Propeller Cavitation Source Level Based on Beamforming Method for Prediction of Underwater Radiated Noise
김용현 · 설한신 · 이정훈 · 정홍석
Yong-Hyun Kim, Hanshin Seol, Jeung-Hoon Lee and Hongseok Jeong
In general, the prediction of underwater radiated noise requires source level information. This study proposes a method for the source level estimation of propeller cavitation based on the beamforming...
소쇄원의 공간 유형에 따른 소리경관 특성에 관한 연구
Soundscape Characteristics in Soswaewon Space Types
강희주 · 국찬 · 신용규
Hee-Ju Kang, Chan Kook and Yong-Gyu Shin
In this study, we measured and recorded the sound at various points in Soswaewon, and analyzed the soundscape characteristics in the garden space. The main conclusions were as follows: Soswaewon...
Fourier Expansion Number를 적용한 Beam 요소 기반 유한요소해석모델을 이용한 배관계 탄소성 해석 기법
Elasto-plastic Analysis of Piping System Using Finite Element Model Containing Beam Element with Fourier Expansion Number
이창균 · 이상정 · 이은호 · 임진우 · 박노철
Chang Kyun Lee, Sang Jeong Lee, Eun-Ho Lee, Jin Woo Im and
No-Cheol Park
This study proposes a method for confirming the seismic integrity based on the strain of piping systems mainly used in power plants through finite element analysis. The piping system of power...
비틀림진동 신호를 이용한 왕복동 내연기관의 착화실패
실린더 검출 방법
Misfiring Cylinder Detection for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Using Torsional Vibration Signal
박정근 · 정의봉
Jeong-Geun Park and Weui-Bong Jeong
The torsional vibration signal of a reciprocating internal combustion engine is a useful tool for monitoring the operating state of the engine, similar to the pulse signal in our body, which serves as...
함정탑재장비용 탄성마운트의 내구성 시험방법
Endurance Testing for Resilient Mounts of Naval Shipboard Machinery
문석준 · 김의영 · 박진우 · 김원 · 정선아
Seok-jun Moon, Eui-Young Kim, Jin-Woo Park, Won Kim and Sun-Ah Jung
As a performance specification for general resilient mounts of naval shipboard equipment, MIL-PR-32407 was released in 2012 as an alternative to MIL-M-17185A. Therefore, it is necessary...
물리기반 인공신경망을 활용한 리튬이온 전지 열화 예측
Physics-informed Neural Network for Estimation of Lithium-Ion Battery State-of-health
김승욱 · 오기용 · 이승철
Sung Wook Kim, Ki-Yong Oh and Seungchul Lee
Currently, lithium-ion batteries are becoming the most promising power source for a variety of portable electronics as well as electric vehicles. Some of the advantages that promote their widespread usage...
이미지시스템을 이용한 반복하중조건에서 압착식 조인트가
적용된 입상배관의 거동분석
Behavior Analysis of Riser Pipe with Pressure Joints Under Cyclic Loading Conditions Using Imaging System
김성완 · 윤다운 · 김재봉 · 전법규 · 최용안
Sung-Wan Kim, Da-Woon Yun, Jae-Bong Kim, Bub-Gyu Jeon and
Yong-An Choi
In the event of an earthquake, structures are shaken in various ways, resulting in side-sway between stories of a structure. When side-sway occurs in a building due to an earthquake, the facilities...
관주형 철탑 상태 감시를 위한 음향 방출 신호처리에 따른
특징 분석
Feature Analysis Based on Acoustic Emission Signal Processing for Tubular Steel Tower Condition Monitoring
유현탁 · 민태홍 · 김형진 · 강석근 · 강동영 · 김현식 · 최병근
Hyeon-Tak Yu, Tae-Hong Min, Hyeong-Jin Kim, Seoggeun Kang, Dong-Young Kang, Hyun-Sik Kim and Byeong-Keun Choi
In this study, we propose and analyze a machine learning method based on the genetic algorithm (GA) and supporting vector machine (SVM) for the effective classification of faults detected by an...
레일 진동과 변형률을 이용한 철도차량 차륜 진단시스템 개발방안
Development Plan of Railway Vehicle Wheel Diagnosis System Based on Rail Vibration and Strain
김주원 · 김용환
Juwon Kim and Yonghwan Kim
Railroad vehicles require a considerable amount of maintenance cost for preventive maintenance to ensure high safety and operational reliability. With the continuous expansion of railway services, various...
헬리컬 기어의 3차원 진동 해석을 위한 동역학 모델 개발
Development of Dynamic Model to Predict Three-dimensional Vibrations of Helical Gear Pair
Ma Ru Kang
In this study, a dynamic model of a parallel-axis helical gear system is developed. A linear time-invariant dynamic model of a gear system is proposed. This model is constructed by using a...
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