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저널레터 : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng., Vol. 32, No. 1 한국소음진동공학회 2022-02-22
2022년 2월 제 32권 제 1호 통권 264호
차동장치 사이드, 피니언 기어 백래시 측정기 개발 및 적용에 대한
A Study for Developing Backlash Measurement System of the Differential Side and Pinion Gears and Application
이 현 구 · 홍 사 만 · 김 무 석 · 김 용 범 · 유 동 규 · 채 금 묵 · 이 태 휘
Hyun Ku Lee, Sa Man Hong, Moo Suk Kim, Yong Beom Kim, Dong Kyu Yoo, Geum Muk Chae and
Tae Hwi Lee
Differential gear backlash and drive shaft backlash are considered important items affecting vehicle performance because they directly affect the vehicle tip-in shock and drivability. However, they are not usually standardized and correctly managed. Thus, new differential gear backlash measuring equipment that could quantify the total differential gear backlash, including drive...
지하철 승강장에서 소음 및 신호안내음의 분포 특성
The Distribution Characteristic of Noise and Signal Guide Sound in Subway Platform
송 은 성 · 김 수 홍 · 김 정 훈 · 이 송 미 · 류 종 관
Eunsung Song, Suhong Kim, Jeonghun Kim, Songmi Lee and Jongkwan Ryu
As the elderly frequently use subway stations, there is a need for the acoustical improvement of subway platforms from a barrier-free perspective. In this study, the distribution characteristics of noise and signal guide sounds on subway platforms are determined for different locations. The entering and leaving noise of the train and the signal guide sounds were measured for thirteen...
멤브레인 타입 음향 메타 구조의 흡음 분석
Analysis of the Sound Absorption of Membrane-type Acoustic Meta-structure
이 석 규 · 장 준 영 · 송 경 준
Seok-Gyu Lee, Jun-Young Jang and Kyungjun Song
In this study, an acoustic metastructure, combined with a thin membrane and a rectangular cavity, was designed to reduce the noise of mechanical structures from 2000 Hz to 4000 Hz. Finite element method (FEM) analysis was performed through COMSOL multiphysics and the sound-absorbing structure was evaluated using the sound absorption coefficient from the 2-microphone...
프로펠러 공기 분출 시스템 사용에 따른 캐비테이션 소음 특성 연구
Study on Cavitation Noise Characteristics according to the Use of Propeller Air Injection System
문 영 선 · 이 희 창 · 강 승 희 · 김 성 용
Youngsun Moon, Hee-Chang Lee, Seung-Hee Kang and Seong-Yong Kim
Propeller cavitation contributes to underwater radiated noise (URN), which affects the probability of detection and survivability, especially for naval vessels. To reduce noise induced by propeller cavitation, several naval vessels have adopted the propeller air injection system. However, there are insufficient case studies on noise reduction; thus, it is necessary to verify the...
자동차 파워트레인의 소음/진동 데이터를 활용한 AI 기반 진단기술
Development of AI-based Diagnosis Technology using Noise/Vibration Data of Automobile Powertrain
정 인 수 · 이 동 철 · 노 경 진 · 장 준 혁
Insoo Jung, Dongchul Lee, Kyoungjin Noh and Joon-Hyuk Chang
Typically, indexes for diagnosis are developed by extracting the characteristics of noise and vibration data through traditional processing. However, finding an appropriate signal processing method and diagnostic index is difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, the use of artificial intelligence in analyzing and judging data has increased in recent years, and a lot of research related...
캐비테이션 소음의 위치 규명을 위한 추진기 상부 선체 표면 수중 음향센서 배치에 대한 실험적 연구
An Experimental Study of On-board Hydrophone Array Design at Hull Surface above the Propeller for Localization of Cavitation Noise
황 은 수 · 정 홍 석 · 설 한 신
Eunsue Hwang, Hongseok Jeong and Hanshin Seol
To localize cavitation noise using the beam forming method, sensors are mounted above the propeller on the hull surface of a model-scale ship. Beam forming results are highly dependent on the number and arrangement of sensors; thus, an array with a large number of sensors for a wide range will have good performance. However, it is difficult for such a system to be applied...
볼트(bolt)로 결합된 평판 구조물의 볼트 결합력에 따른 진동특성변화 연구
A Study on the Vibration Characteristics of Bolted Plates Depending on the Clamping Force of the Bolt
김 근 일 · 유 효 선 · 김 은 호
Guenil Kim, Hyo Sun Yu and Eunho Kim
The vibration characteristics of bolted structures change depending on the bolt';s clamping force. This can be used to detect bolt looseness or to evaluate structural integrity. In this study, the vibration characteristics based on a bolt';s clamping force were experimentally and numerically studied in two plate structures connected using a bolt; where the clamping force ranged...
건식저장용기의 연속 충돌 경사낙하 유한요소해석
Finite Element Analysis of Dry Storage Cask Slap Down Oblique Drop
임 진 우 · 이 은 호 · 라 치 웅 · 박 노 철
Jinwoo Im, Eun-Ho Lee, Chi Woong Ra and No-Cheol Park
As dry storage casks are used to store nuclear fuel, it is necessary to verify their stability against a drop accident that may occur during transport. In this study, a finite element analysis was conducted for the 9-m oblique drop prescribed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). There are two types of oblique drops: corner drop and slap down drop. This research...
국내 교통소음 피해의 외부비용(소음피해비용) 산정
Assessment of the External Cost (Damage Cost) of Traffic Noise
강 광 규 · 김 종 원 · 김 경 민 · 박 영 민
Kwang Kyu Kang, Jong Won Kim, Kyoung Min Kim and Young Min Park
The European Commission estimates have shown that the costs of various forms of externalities occurring in the transport sector, such as accidents, air pollution, climate change, noise, and congestion, have risen three times in 2008, 2014, and 2019. Among them, the report published in 2019 is the latest report that systematically summarizes the results of numerous...
영상 기반 딥러닝을 통한 배관 진동 주파수 가시화 기술
Video-based Deep Learning for Pipe Vibration Frequency Visualization
서 호 건 · 김 선 진 · 정 변 영 · 최 영 철
Hogeon Seo, Seon-Jin Kim, Byun-Young Chung and Young-Chul Choi
Pipe systems in industries function similar to blood vessels in the human body. Pipe vibration is a natural phenomenon caused by external motors and fluid flow in the pipe. However, any unfavorable factors, such as in-wall collision by loose parts or unusual fluid flow, can significantly affect the vibration, which results in abnormal vibration patterns when compared to those...
임의 형상 멤브레인의 자유 진동 해석을 위한 NDIF법에서의 고유치
추출 기법 개선
Improvement of Eigenvalue Extraction Method in the NDIF Method for Free Vibration Analysis of Arbitrarily Shaped Membranes
강 상 욱
Sang Wook Kang
A method to overcome the weakness of low-order eigenvalues not being extracted when the number of nodes is increased in the original NDIF method used in the eigenvalue analysis of arbitrarily shaped membranes has been proposed in a recent study. However, there is still the problem that the determinant curve of the system matrix that produces the eigenvalues has a...
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