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저널레터 : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng., Vol. 32, No. 3 한국소음진동공학회 2022-06-23
2022년 6월 제 32권 제 3호 통권 266호
나선형 파동유도관 결합을 통한 초음파센서의 탐지범위 개선
Improvement in the Detectable Range of an Ultrasonic Sensor by Coupling a Helical Waveguide
안 재 혁 · 김 진 오
Jae Hyuck An and Jin Oh Kim
This paper presents a method to improve the detectable range of an ultrasonic sensor for distance measurements by coupling the sensor with a helical waveguide. In particular, this study aimed to decrease the effective length of circularly curved waveguides, in addition to reducing the minimum and maintaining the maximum detectable distances. To this end, finite element analyses were...
해군 함정 탑재용 전자장비 랙의 수직 기둥 단면 형상 설계에 관한
Study on Design of Vertical Column Sectional Profile of Electronic Equipment Rack for Naval Ship
서 유 종 · 이 채 동 · 안 효 동 · 김 찬 중
Yu-Jong Seo, Chae-Dong Lee, Hyo-Dong Ahn and Chan-Jung Kim
Elastic mounts are applied to electronic equipment racks (EERs) mounted on naval vessels to reduce forces transmitted from external impacts or vibration. EERs should be designed to have sufficient structural capability to address the exposed forces during its service life-cycle, and the main focus should be on the body frame because most of the stiffness of the EER is supported...
유지보수성 개선을 위한 복합 구조를 갖는 탈부착형 방음판 개발 연구
Study on the Development of a Detachable Noise Barrier with a Complex Structure to Improve the Maintainability
박 성 용 · 조 종 래 · 조 규 현
Sungyoug Park, JongRae Cho and Kyuhyun Cho
With the increase in the number of high-speed roads in downtown areas and the speed of railways, there have been exponential increases in the number of complaints about noise and the demand for soundproof walls. The implementation of soundproof walls has been established as the most important approach to improve persons’ living standards and realize quiet noise...
포락선 대수감소법의 오차 분석
Error Analysis of Envelope Logarithmic Decrement Method
김 석 현 · 변 준 호
Seock Hyun Kim and Jun Ho Byeon
The current logarithmic decrement method extracts the damping ratio from a single-frequency signal. However, the envelope logarithmic decrement method(ELDM) can extract the damping ratio from the beat wave containing two adjacent frequencies. In this study, the error factors of the ELDM were analyzed. For the error analysis, various beat waveforms were generated using the first...
항공기 소음 총량제를 이용한 공항 활성화에 관한 연구
A Study on the Airport Activate using Aircraft Noise Limiting System
이 준 호
Jun Ho Lee
Airports want to revitalize airport use by increasing the number of flights. Residents of aircraft noise-affected areas believe that an increase in aircraft operation leads to an increase in aircraft noise. As the distance from the aircraft decreases or the engine thrust increases, the noise increases. However, in the opposite situation, aircraft noise is reduced. The efficient management of aircraft...
PRAIRIE 적용 함정의 공기 누출 조건에 따른 수중방사소음 특성 연구
A Study on Underwater Radiated Noise Characteristics of Naval Vessel with PRAIRIE According to Air Leakage Condition
문 영 선 · 이 희 창 · 최 재 용 · 김 성 용
Youngsun Moon, Heechang Lee, Jae-Yong Choi and Seong-Yong Kim
Recently, a propeller air-induced emitting (PRAIRIE) system has been adopted for naval vessels to reduce propeller cavitation noise. However, air leakage occurs around the injection hole because of the low pressure around the propeller blade. To investigate the noise characteristics of air leakage, we measured underwater radiated noise during sea trials using a shut-off valve. Noise data...
교량 바닥판의 다중모드 진동 저감을 위한 2자유도 진동흡진기
2DOF Vibration Absorber for Multi-mode Vibration Reduction of Bridge Deck
김 인 호 · 장 선 준
In-Ho Kim and Seon Jun Jang
Vibrations that impact bridges need to be addressed because they can cause problems in terms of serviceability and structural safety. Therefore, the serviceability standards for vibration are considered by performing wind resistance design and loading tests. This study proposes a two-degree-of-freedom (2DOF) dynamic absorber that reduces the multi-mode vibrations of a bridge deck...
Frequency Equation of a Curved Beam using the Phase-closure Principle
위상폐합원리를 이용한 곡선보의 진동수 방정식
Nansukusa Mirembe Sarah and Hyun Woo Park
미렘베 세라 난수쿠사 · 박 현 우
This paper presents a simplified frequency equation that predicts the modal frequencies of a curved beam. In particular, the simplified frequency equation is derived for a frequency range within which one pair of propagating wave motions and two pairs of evanescent wave motions exist on the curved beam. All incident evanescent wave motions are assumed to be negligible at both ends of the beam. The phase-closure principle is applied to a curved beam with varying support...
3D 모델링을 이용한 막 구조 방음터널의 소음 저감 효과 분석
Three-dimensional Modeling of the Noise-Reducing Impact of a Soundproof Tunnel Structured
of the Membrane
유 지 수 · 노 명 현 · 정 정 호 · 이 장 복 · 장 서 일
Jisu Yoo, Myung Hyun Noh, Jeongho Jeong, Jang Bog Lee and Seo Il Chang
Soundproof tunnels block direct sound and minimize reflected sound, resulting in an excellent noise reduction effect. However, soundproof tunnels have not been thoroughly examined in terms of economic feasibility, stability, and usability. In particular, their high cost of installation and heavy weight are considered disadvantages. Therefore, it is essential to ensure economic...
어린이의 뛰어다님을 재현하는 연속성 충격원 시작품의 충격음 특성
Characteristics of Trial Continuous Impact Source Product Reproducing a Child';s Running Around
송 민 정 · 김 수 홍 · 류 종 관
Minjeong Song, Suhong Kim and Jongkwan Ryu
Bang machines and rubber balls, which are currently used as heavy-weight impact sources for floor impact sound measurement, have characteristics that differ from the actual impact patterns of children. This is because the current impact source is larger than the actual impact force of the child, and there is a single impact pattern, so a child';s continuous impact is not reproduced. This...
선체 부착 음향 센서를 이용한 함정 추진기 소음 예측에 대한 실험적 연구
An Experimental Study on the Prediction of Propeller Noise using Onboard Acoustic Sensors for Naval Vessels
정 홍 석 · 황 은 수 · 이 석 규 · 설 한 신
Hongseok Jeong, Eunsue Hwang, Sock-Kyu Lee and Hanshin Seol
In this study, the propeller noise source level of a naval vessel was predicted using onboard hydrophones through model-scaled noise measurements. A scaled model ship and a set of propellers were installed in a cavitation tunnel, with onboard sensors at the hull above the portside propeller. A conventional beamforming method in the frequency domain was used to calculate the source...
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