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저널레터 : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng., Vol. 34, No. 1 한국소음진동공학회 2024-02-26
2024년 2월 제 34권 제 1호 통권 276호
항공기용 외부연료탱크 출렁임 및 진동시험
Slosh and Vibration Test for Aircraft External Fuel Tank
김 현 기 · 김 성 찬 · 안 수 홍 · 하 병 근
Hyun-gi Kim, Sungchan Kim, Su-hong An and Byung-geon Ha
During flight, a significant load is applied on the internal components of the external fuel tank owing to fuel slosh and engine vibration. In severe situations, the slosh load and vibration can damage or malfunction main components, and adversely affect the safety of the aircraft as well as the survival of the crew. Therefore, components such as an external fuel tank are mounted...
ANC를 통한 전기자동차 인휠 모터 소음 개발
Development of In-wheel Motor Noise Reduction for Electric Vehicles Using Active Noise Control(ANC)
이 현 구 · 오 치 성 · 김 무 석 · 이 정 한
Hyun Ku Lee, Chi Sung Oh, Moo Suk Kim and Jeong Han Lee
To overcome global warming caused by air pollution and carbon dioxide, the automotive industry is responding to changes in the market by developing electric vehicles. Among the various types of electric vehicles, an in-wheel motor (IWM) is regarded as a suitable solution for future drive train architecture owing to its simple structure, high efficiency, and good space...
터빈밸브 동작시험 중 로터 이동 최적화 출력조건
Power Level Optimization for Reducing Shaft Movement during On-line Test of HP Turbine Control Valves
이 우 광 · 정 혁 진 · 박 상 호
Wookwang Lee, Hyukjin Chung and Sangho Park
Most high pressure turbines in nuclear power plants in Korea use the partial arc admission control. It sequentially opens each valve, which is connected to each arc consisting of the HP turbine nozzle when the steam flow rate should be increased. Generally, a nozzle of the HP turbine is divided into four arcs. All turbine valves including the control valves must be tested...
방음장치 설계에 따른 유동소음에 대한 실험적 연구
Study on Flow-noise According to Design of Noise Mitigation Device
오 진 우
Jin Woo Oh
In modern society, we are exposed to various noise environments. To avoid noise problems, various noise mitigation devices are designed and installed on noise generating facilities. A silencer and an acoustic louver are representative noise mitigation devices for the supply/exhaustion of equipment and the splitter inside the silencer...
차량용 조향 모터의 가상센서 시스템 및 홀로렌즈 시각화
Virtual Sensing System of Vehicle Steering Motor with Virtual Reality
박 규 남 · 조 용 범 · 오 승 인 · 이 종 화 · 박 상 원 · 이 태 휘 · 김 진 균
Gyunam Park, Yongbeom Cho, Seungin Oh, Jongwha Lee, Sangwon Park, Taehwi Lee and Jin-gyun Kim
This paper presents a new virtual sensing system for the real-time monitoring of a vehicle steering motor. The aim of the proposed system is to identify the unmeasured dynamic characteristics of the target structure using the inverse force identification method. The system matrices (mass, stiffness, and damping) of the steering motor vibration are generated...
소노부이 수중 진동 예측을 위한 동유체력 반영 집중소자 모델
Lumped-element Model with Consideration of Hydrodynamic Force for Predicting Underwater Vibration of Sonobuoys
박 재 호 · 임 성 훈 · 우 성 화 · 박 노 철 · 엄 원 석 · 임 경 원 · 신 효 섭 · 이 삼 화 · 박 은 철
Jaeho Park, Seonghun Im, Sunghwa Woo, No-cheol Park, Won-suk Ohm, Kyungwon Lim, Hyoseob Shin, Samhwa Lee and Eunchul Park
The sonobuoy is a portmanteau word for sound navigation, ranging and buoy. It is a device designed to float on the sea surface and detect noise radiated from submarines. The fundamental structure of a sonobuoy consists of a buoy, cable pack, drogue, and hydrophone. The buoy, floating on the sea surface, vibrates vertically owing to surface waves, causing...
동특성 기반 유체-구조 연성의 부가 질량 효과 분석을 위한 변수 선정에 관한 연구
Study on Analysis Variables of Added Mass Effect by Fluid-structure Interaction based on Dynamic Characteristics
김 정 현 · 라 치 웅 · 노 현 규 · 박 노 철
Jeonghyun Kim, Chiwoong Ra, Hyungyu Roh and No-cheol Park
In this research, we derive equations related to the fluid-structure interaction of pressure vessels containing fluids from previous research. Moreover, we analyze the changes in the dynamic charac teristics based on parameters specified through the dimensions and material properties of the pressure vessel. A fluid is composed of acoustic elements that are adaptable...
철도 차량 내 소음 재현을 위한 입체 음향 시스템의 성능평가
Performance Evaluation of Spatial Sound Field Reproduction for Cabin Noise in Rail Vehicles
홍 지 영 · 이 용 희
Jiyoung Hong and Yonghee Lee
Sound quality is becoming more critical in the automobile industry, and it is expected that acoustic innovation will be possible in the railway sector. Sound quality can be effectively enhanced at the design stage. The sound pressure level is calculated using the SEA technique, by predicting the interior noise of a train based on vehicle manufacturing...
미소 진동 측정을 위한 폴리머 진동센서 개발
Measurement of Low-frequency, Low-amplitude Vibrations
류 수 정 · 김 정 수 · 김 정 태 · 전 오 성 · 정 갑 철
Su Jung Lyu, Jung Soo Kim, Jeung Tae Kim, Oh Sung Jun and Gab Cheol Jeung
Semi-rigid structures such as buildings and bridges produce low amplitude vibration responses when various forces are applied to them. The best way to monitor low level signals is to deploy piezo type accelerometers owing to the high sensitivity and frequency bandwidth. One of the problems with piezo type sensors is the high hardware cost. In the real...
백래시에 대한 스퍼기어 진동 데이터 분석 및 딥러닝 기반 백래시 예측
Analysis of Spur Gear Vibration Data on Backlash and Prediction of Backlash Based on Deep Learning
김 지 훈 · 이 지 훈 · 김 태 완 · 이 승 철 · 박 찬 일
Jihoon Kim, Jihun Lee, Taewan Kim, Seungchul Lee, Chan Il Park
Gears are critical in mechanical systems, but wear-induced vibrations pose challenges. It is difficult to experimentally verify gear wear through vibrations. This study proposes a method to simulate wear by manipulating the backlash size and enabling the analysis of vibration changes. Gears with varying backlash sizes, resembling worn gears, facilitate...
전산해석을 통한 질량동조감쇠기 적용 슬래브의 바닥충격음 저감 성능 검증
Verification of Floor Impact Sound Reduction Performance of a Slab with an Applied Tuned Mass Damper Using Computational Analysis
김 수 홍 · 류 종 관 · 황 재 승
Suhong Kim, Jongkwan Ryu and Jaeseung Hwang
Floor impact sound, which occurs when children run, is primarily caused by the vibro-acoustic coupling effect. This effect involves the transmission of vibrations from the upper slab to the lower floor through the slab, which is then converted into sound at the ceiling surface. By reducing the vibration, it is possible to reduce the sound transmitted to the lower...
배후 공기층이 적용된 단일 미세 타공판에 대한 유전알고리즘 기반 소음저감계수 최적화
Optimization of Noise Reduction Coefficient Based on Genetic Algorithm for Single Micro-perforated Panel Backed by Air Cavity
이 인 석 · 박 영 호
In-seok Lee and Young-ho Park
In this paper, we search for the optimal combination of main shape variables that can maximize the noise reduction coefficient of a sound absorption system using a single micro-perforated panel backed by a cavity. A genetic algorithm is selected as the optimization method, and an orthogonal array table of the design of experiments is introduced to improve...
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