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저널레터 : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng., Vol. 28, No. 6 한국소음진동공학회 2018-12-28
2018년 12월 제 28권 제 6호 통권 245호
초장행정 저속 디젤엔진의 종진동 해석 모델 및 진동 특성
Axial Vibration Analysis Model and Its Vibration Characteristics on the Ultra Long Stroke Low Speed Diesel Engine
송명호 · 이돈출
Song, M. H. and Lee, D. C.
Modern super-large two-stroke low-speed diesel engines exploit higher stroke and bore ratios consequential to lower speed range (maximum continuous rating) operation. As such, engine designers such as MAN Energy Solutions and Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. have developed the “G-series” and “X-series” engines, respectively, for this purpose ...
영구자석을 이용한 자기 유변 탄성체의 음향 투과 손실 성능 시험
An Experimental Investigation on Sound Transmission Loss Performance of Magnetorheological Elastomer with Permanent Magnets
김성환 · 이수혁 · 김기우 · 최승복
Kim, S. H., Lee, S. H., Kim, G.-W. and Choi, S. B.
This paper presents an experimental investigation on sound transmission loss performance of magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) with permanent magnets. From experimental results, the sound transmission loss of a grid-shaped structure embedded with MRE and permanent magnets can be improved over a wide frequency range (from 250 Hz to 2500 Hz) ...
디젤엔진의 연소소음 음질평가용 인덱스 개발
Evaluation of Sound Quality of a Diesel Engine with Considering Masking Effect
윤동운 · 이상권 · 이동철 · 정인수
Yun, D.-U., Lee, S.-K., Lee, D. C. and Jung, I. S.
The present study focused on knocking noises of internal combustion engines. It was shown that the quantification of knocking noise can be calculated by considering time-frequency masking. The knocking noises were synthesized from the characteristics of diesel engine sounds. The subjective rating of these sounds was performed by a jury test ...
해수윤활 선미관 베어링에서 발생되는 비선형 Stick-slip 마찰진동 발생 조건 및 주요인자 분석
Investigation for the Mechanism and Main Parameters of the Stick-slip Nonlinear Friction Induced Vibration in Water-lubricated Stern Tube Bearing
한형석 · 이경현 · 박성호 · 전수홍
Han, H. S., Lee, K. H., Park, S. H. and Jeon, S. H.
Seawater-lubricated bearings applied to stern tubes are widely used to support ship propeller shafts. Generally, the material of these seawater-lubricated bearings is rubber or polymer. Because the lubricating fluid for this kind of bearing is sea water, its coefficient of friction is somewhat higher than that of an oil-lubricated bearing ...
초음파 센서의 혼 가이드에 의한 음향 수신 특성
Acoustic Reception Characteristics Using Horn Guide of Ultrasonic Sensors
선상옥 · 김진오
Seon, S. O. and Kim, J. O.
This study addresses the acoustic reception characteristics of a horn guide applied to an ultrasonic sensor for distance measurement. In order to design a horn guide to improve the acoustic directivity of ultrasonic sensors for both transmission and reception, identifying the reception performance as well as the transmission directivity of the ultrasound is necessary ...
표면 근전도를 이용한 손동작 인식
Hand Gesture Recognition Using Surface Electromyogram
육도경 · 손정우
Yuk, D. G. and Sohn, J. W.
In the present study, the performance of hand gesture recognition using surface electromyogram (EMG) was evaluated experimentally. To obtain the surface EMG data of a human, a wearable armband-type commercial measurement device including an eight-channel EMG sensor array was used. The mean absolute value was extracted from ...
입력 성형기와 가속도 피드백을 이용한 단진자 진동 제어
Vibration Control of Pendulum Using Input Shaping and Acceleration Feedback Controller
신지환 · 이동한 · 곽문규
Shin, J.-H., Lee, D.-H. and Kawk, M. K.
In this study, we developed a method to suppress the residual vibration from a pendulum when the trolley moves to a certain position. In general, an input shaping technique is applied to reduce the vibration of the pendulum after the trolley moves. The zero vibration input shaping technique can be used to effectively suppress the residual vibration of the pendulum after operation ...
층간소음 성가심과 생활감에 대한 설문조사
Questionnaire Survey on Annoyance and Disturbance of Floor Impact Sound
정정호 · 이평직
Jeong, J. H. and Lee, P. J.
In order to investigate the characteristics of floor-impact sounds generated in apartment buildings and the annoyance and disturbance caused by floor-impact sounds, a questionnaire survey was conducted twice with an 11- or 12-year interval for respondents living in apartments. Questions in the survey were on the characteristics of real impact sounds ...
가전 냉장고 Ice-fan 유로 시스템의 유동과 소음 성능 개선에 관한 수치적/실험적 고찰
Numerical and Experimental Investigation on Improvement of Flow and Noise Performances of Ice-fan Flow Piping System of Household Refrigerator
신미정 · 정철웅 · 김태훈 · 구준효
Shin, M. J., Cheong, C. U., Kim, T.-H. and Koo, J. H.
With increasing demand for high-quality refrigerators, noise has been recognized as one of the primary performance indicators. Fans are one of the highest contributing noise sources. Various types of fans are used in refrigerators. In particular, ice-making fans generate more noise as they operate irregularly, and the associated noise may be transmitted ...
발전용 보일러 후부 전열면의 공진 분석
Resonant Vibration Analysis of Back-pass Heat Surface in the Power Plant Boiler
노선만 · 장재덕 · 김원진
Roh, S. M., Jang, J. D. and Kim, W. J.
The resonant vibration around the economizer of boiler is investigated and the effect of acoustic baffles is estimated through acoustic analysis. From the results of vibration and noise measurement, it is illustrated that the high vibration levels of the boiler are caused by the acoustic resonance, because the airborne noise is more dominant than the structure borne noise ...
초음파 센서의 혼 가이드 형상에 따른 음향 지향성
Acoustic Directivity of an Ultrasonic Sensor Depending on Horn Guide Shape
임성구 · 김진오
Lim, S. G. and Kim, J. O.
This study addressed horn guides attached to an ultrasonic sensor to improve acoustic directivity. Because an ultrasonic sensor with better directivity can measure longer distances, it is necessary to study methods of improving directivity by attaching a horn guide. We analyzed the acoustic characteristics of an ultrasonic sensor with a horn guide of various shapes by the finite element method in order to observe ...
EPS 완충재의 동탄성계수 및 두께에 따른 중량 바닥충격음 레벨 분석
Analysis of Heavyweight Floor Impact Sound Level with Dynamic Stiffness and Thickness of EPS Type Resilient Materials
송국곤 · 김용희 · 류종관 · 김명준
Song, G.-G., Kim, Y.-H., Ryu, J.-K. and Kim, M.-J.
This study investigated the relationship between dynamic stiffness, thickness, and heavy-weight floor-impact sound level for EPS resilient materials with 10 MN/m3 ~ 30 MN/m3 dynamic stiffness and 10 mm ~ 30 mm thickness. As a result, the single-number quantity (SNQ) with a bang machine was 52 dB ~ 57 dB, SNQ with rubber ball at 1.0 m height was 48 dB ~ 52 dB ...
구조 진동 측정을 이용한 프레스 성형품 넥 결함 검사기술 타당성 연구
Feasibility Study on Neck Defect Inspection Technique for Press-formed Products by Using Structural Vibration Measurement
곽재혁 · 국형석 · 김흥규 · 최현철 · 양우호
Kwag, J.-H., Kook, H.-S., Kim, H.-K., Choi, H.-C. and Yang, W.-H.
If defects occur in a press-formed article, the mechanical properties change and the vibration characteristics may change. In particular, it is not difficult to prove a crack defect on the basis of structural vibration measurement. The purpose of this study was to develop a defect inspection technique that can quickly determine whether the neck of a press-formed article is ...
균일 유입류에서의 모형추진기 캐비테이션 소음특성 실험연구
Experimental Study on the Cavitation Noise Characteristics of Model Propeller in Uniform Inflow
Seol, H. S.
In this study, propeller cavitation and the resulting noise were analyzed experimentally in uniform inflow conditions. The propeller cavitation observation and noise measurements tests were conducted in the KRISO Large Cavitation Tunnel (LCT), with size 2.8 m (B) × 1.8 m (H) × 12.5 m (L). The test setup and conditions are introduced and the propeller noise test ...
사다리꼴 주름판의 최적형상 및 엄밀진동에 관한 연구
A Study on Optimal Shape and Refined Vibration of Trapezoidal Corrugated Plates
김영완 · 정 강
Kim, Y. W. and Jung, K.
In this study, the refined rigidities, optimal shapes, and free vibration of trapezoidal corrugated plates were analyzed. The rigidities of trapezoidal corrugated plates by material mechanical analysis have large errors as compared with practical behavior. Thus, the refined rigidities of the plates are proposed by calculating two-variable functions by surface ...
스마트 타이어 적용을 위한 센서모듈 전원공급용 전자기 에너지 하베스터 설계
Design of Electromagnet Energy Harvester for Sensor Module of Smart Tire
서종호 · 장경영 · 이한민 · 김영철
Seo, J. H., Jhang, K.-Y., Lee, H. M. and Kim, Y.-C.
A smart tire monitoring system uses information such as tire temperature, pressure, acceleration, force, and tire-road friction coefficient in real time to monitor the driving safety of cars. A vibration energy harvester for a smart tire monitoring system converts the tire dynamic strain energy into electrical energy that is used as the power source of the wireless sensor module ...
균일 미립화 응용을 위한 압전 초음파 진동자의 성능고찰
Performance Investigation of Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Vibrator for Uniform Atomization Application
한영민 · 최승복
Han, Y.-M. and Choi, S.-B.
This study presents the performance evaluation of an ultrasonic vibrator for uniform atomization that can be applicable to conformal coating control in the light-emitting diode manufacturing process or wall-wetting control in fuel injection of vehicle engines. To achieve this goal, an ultrasonic vibrator was devised utilizing piezoelectric actuators to have longitudinal motion ...
디젤발전기의 내진용 방진베드 시스템의 내진성능평가
Seismic Performance Evaluation of Isolated Common Bed System for Diesel Engine Generator
장성진 · 전법규 · 박동욱 · 백은림
Chang, S.-J., Jeon, B.-G., Park, D.-U. and Baek, E.-R.
The seismic performance of a vibration isolator bed system for emergency diesel engine generators was evaluated in this study. A shaking table test and numerical analysis were used for the evaluations. The ICC-ES AC156 test method was applied to the shaking table test, as recommended by ASCE 7. For inducing the input spectral acceleration, the generator was assumed ...
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