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저널레터 : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng., Vol. 29, No. 1 한국소음진동공학회 2019-05-17
2019년 02월 제 29권 제 1호 통권 246호
명상효과에 대한 싱잉볼 소리의 의미구조 분석
Analysis of the Meaning of Singing Bowl Sounds on the Effect of Meditation
문정순 · 박현구
Jung Soon Moon and Hyeon-Ku Park
The singing bowl, also called Tibetan meditation bowl, is a tool used for meditation. It produces a unique sound when rubbed that is believed to promote a state of mental calm. Currently, there is no research about how this type of sound actually affects people’s minds. This study was, therefore, initiated to investigate the relationship between the sound of the singing ...
하우징 위에 전자석코일을 갖고 있는 MR 브레이크의 최적설계
Optimal Design of MR Brake with Magnetic Coils Located on the Housings
구오흥 · 한철희 · 이태훈 · 안진희 · 최승복
Quoc Hung Nguyen, Chulhee Han, Tae-Hoon Lee, Jin-Hee An and Seung-Bok Choi
This work presents a new design structure for a magneto-rheological brake (MRB) with magnetic coils located on either side of the housing. With this structural configuration, the designed MRB is expected to provide higher braking torque at a more compact brake unit size than can be offered by conventional MRBs in which the magnetic wire coils ...
병진 및 회전 동흡진기를 사용한 평판의 진동저감
Plate Vibration Suppression with Translational and Rotational Dynamic Vibration Absorbers
박성규 · 이시복 · 최주형
Sung Gyu Park, Shi Bok Lee and Joo Hyoung Choi
Dynamic vibration absorbers (DVAs) have long been used to suppress excessive vibration in structural systems. This paper deals with a dynamic vibration absorber system comprising both a translational absorber and a rotational absorber for vibration control of a plate. First, it is proven that the combined translational and rotational DVAs of the absorbers ...
내부 및 외부 압전 원판이 결합된 초음파 트랜스듀서의 진동 해석
Vibration Analysis for an Ultrasonic Transducer Coupled with Interior and Exterior Piezoelectric Discs
박춘광 · 김진오
Chunguang Piao and Jin Oh Kim
This research deals with an ultrasonic transducer coupled with piezoelectric discs of two types, solid and hollow. The interior solid disc is an exciter and the exterior hollow disc is an ultrasound sensor. The characteristics of the radial and axial vibrations in the axisymmetric motions were investigated theoretically, and verified experimentally...
진동대 시험을 이용한 전기캐비닛 앵커의 거동특성 분석
Analysis of Anchorage Behavior Characteristics of the Electrical Cabinet Using Shaking Table Tests
윤다운 · 전법규 · 정우영 · 장성진 · 신용재
Da-Woon Yun, Bub-Gyu Jeon, Woo-Young Jung, Sung-Jin Chang and Yong-Jae Shin
In this study, a shaking table test was performed to analyze the anchor behavior with or without rocking in the base plate of an electric cabinet. Two cabinets, differentiated by whether their base plates were anchored or fixed, were mounted simultaneously on a shaking table to enable a comparison of their behavior when subjected to seismic motion. Three seismic waves were used in this experiment to facilitate temporal history and resonance search ...
기초 질량부가 포함된 마운트 모듈 지지 시스템의 응답 특성 분석
Response Analysis of Supported System with Mount Module Including Basement Mass-block
Chan-Jung Kim
The characteristics of response of a supported system with a mount module are subject to the selection of mechanical sub-components such as mass, spring, damper, and basement mass-block. The role of a basement mass-block, normally installed beneath the target system, is to control the dynamics of the supported system...
방진마운트 적용 장비의 진동규격 분석절차에 관한 연구
Study on Vibration Specification Analysis Procedure of Equipment with Isolator
김상현 · 김미영 · 전종익 · 손동훈 · 이종학 · 이휘승
Sang-Hyun Kim, Mi-Young Kim, Jong-Ik Jeon, Dong-Hun Son, Jong-Hak Lee and Hwee-Seung Lee
A shelter mounted on a vehicle is equipped with an equipment rack, and a vibration-proof mount is implemented for isolation from the vehicle input vibration originating from the road surface condition. It is often different to select an appropriate vibration-proof mount at an early stage; in general, a different type...
반복가력시험을 이용한 유동식 그루브 조인트로 연결된 입상 배관의 지진거동 연구
A Study for Seismic Behavior of a Riser Pipe with Flexible Groove Joints Using Cyclic Loading Test
김성완 · 전법규 · 안성우 · 위성우
Sung-Wan Kim, Bub-Gyu Jeon†, Seong-Woo Ahn and Seong-Woo Wi
In this study, seismic simulation testing of a stainless steel riser pipe with a flexible groove joint was carried out using the cyclic loading test. The deformation of the stainless steel riser pipe and the response in terms of the relative displacement between the components were analyzed by an image measurement system that measured the deformation...
잔향실에서의 고무공 충격음 반복성 평가
Repeatability Evaluation of Rubber Ball Impact Sound in a Reverberation Chamber
정정호 · 박정옥
Jeong-Ho Jeong and Jeong-Ok Park
Real impact sound, such as child’s running and jumping in an apartment building, is best simulated using a rubber ball as this is the impact source established to be the most similar. As such, the rubber ball is the only heavy/soft impact source included the ISO standards, and a single numeric value for the rubber ball impact-sound is being standardized. However...
섭동법에 의한 캡슐열차용 대차의 상하방향 불안정성 연구
Vertical Instability of Capsule Train Bogie by Perturbation Method
유원희 · 이진호 · 이창영
Wonhee You, Jinho Lee and Changyoung Lee
A levitation and propulsion system of a 1000km/h subsonic capsule train is built on. The same conceptual basis as that used by electrodynamic suspension (EDS) levitation trains equipped with an electromagnetic coil on the side walls. The characteristics of the levitation spring of the capsule train are, therefore, the same as those of the levitation...
고속열차 좌석 및 입석 조건에 따른 승차감 평가
Ride Comfort Evaluation for Seated and Standing Human in High-speed Trains
김덕만 · 김득하 · 최성훈 · 박준홍
Deokman Kim, Deukha Kim, Sunghoon Choi and Junhong Park
Various factors including vibration levels influenced ride comfort recognized by passengers during transits by high-speed trains. The vibration level was measured on the floor of the train. The measurement on the surface on the seat cushion and the seatback is also being considered for evaluations. The frequency weightings were applied to evaluate the ride comfort...
전달행렬법을 이용한 유성기어형 반공진 진동 절연기 특성 연구
Study on Performances of the Planetary Gear Type Anti-resonant Vibration Isolator Using Transfer Matrix Method
윤종환 · 곽규빈 · 이형일
Jong-Hwan Yun, Gyubin Kwak and Hyeongill Lee
As a follow-up to a previous study on the transfer matrix for a lever-type anti-resonance vibration isolator (L-DAVI), a transfer matrix for a planetary-gear-type dynamic anti-resonance vibration isolator (PG-DAVI) is defined by the vector-type four pole parameter method. Both the system’s angular acceleration determined using the transfer matrix method...
병진 및 회전 운동을 하는 내향 외팔보의 모델링 및 진동해석
Modeling and Vibration Analysis of an Inward Cantilever Beam Undergoing Translational and Rotational Motion
이원범 · 유홍희
Won Beom Lee and Hong Hee Yoo
Modeling and vibration analysis of an inward cantilever beam undergoing translational and rotational motion is carried out based on the Euler–Bernoulli beam theory. The equations of motion are derived using the hybrid deformation variable modeling method along with the Rayleigh–Ritz assumed mode method. Spin-up rotational motion and sinusoidal...
표준 측정 방법에 기반한 가속도 지진 센서 특성 평가
Evaluation of Seismic Sensors Based on the International Standard
이용봉 · 조완호 · 정성수 · 전병수
Yong-Bong Lee, Wan-Ho Cho, Sung-Soo Jung and Byung-Soo Jeon
The current calibration process for seismometers is not in accordance with the international meteorological standard. The contemporary increase in seismic and volcanic activity around the Korean Peninsula has highlighted the necessity for and importance of compliance with the international meteorological system. This paper details the evaluation...
입력진동 주파수 특성에 따른 원자력 발전소 배터리 차져의 응답특성 비교
Comparison of Response of Battery Charger in Nuclear Power Plant Depending on Frequency Characteristics in Seismic Motions
정영수 · 임승현 · 전법규 · 박동욱
Young-Soo Jeong, Seung-Hyun Eem, Bub-Gyu Jeon and Dong-Uk Park
Past earthquake events have shown that seismic damage to electrical power systems in nuclear power plants can cause both serious economic losses and operational problems. In this study, to assess the integrity of electrical power systems at nuclear plant plants, seismic tests of a battery charger (B/C) were conducted using the shanking table under three...
응답의존 모달 데이터를 이용한 고층건물의 FE모델 향상
FE Model Updating of Tall Buildings Using Output-only Modal Data
Soon Ho Cho
This work updates the FE models for 25- and 42-story tall buildings having walls or a shear core as a major lateral force-resisting system, utilizing modal parameters such as natural frequencies, and mode shapes identified from measured vibration records in a previous study. Automated FE model updating adopting optimization theory includes...
고속열차의 바람소리에 따른 실내소음 예측을 위한 표면압력 섭동의 파수-주파수 분석
Wavenumber-frequency Analysis of Surface Pressure Fluctuations for Prediction of Interior Noise of High-speed Train Due to Wind Noise
이송준 · 정철웅 · 김재환 · 김병희
Songjune Lee, Cheolung Cheong, Jaehwan Kim and Byung-hee Kim
everal contemporary studies have been carried on the challenge of predicting or reducing the exterior aerodynamic noise and interior noise induced by exterior air flow around high-speed trains. The achievement of reliable numerical prediction of noise in a passenger cabin due to exterior flow requires decomposition of the surface pressure fluctuations...
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