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저널레터 : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng., Vol. 29, No. 2 한국소음진동공학회 2019-05-17
2019년 02월 제 29권 제 2호 통권 247호
초음파 센서의 하우징 구조에 따른 진동 및 음향 특성
Vibration and Acoustic Characteristics Depending on Housing Structures of Ultrasonic Sensors
선상옥 · 김진오
Sang Ok Seon and Jin Oh Kim
This paper deals with the vibration and acoustic characteristics of ultrasonic sensors for distance measurement according to the housing structure. To magnify the distance range, it is necessary to increase the vibration magnitude of the vibrating plate of the ultrasonic sensor. We consider the modifications of axisymmetric housing, its thickness, and boundary of the plate . ...
공동주택 세대 출입구의 차음성능 기준 설정 필요성
Need for Building Code on Sound Insulation Performance of Entrance Door of Apartment Houses
강민우 · 송민정 ·오양기
Min-Woo Kang, Min-Jeong Song and Yang-Ki Oh
In recent years, the noise control performance in apartments has been standardized and enhanced to ensure comfortable residence. The entrance and balcony are the most vulnerable to external noise. A balcony has typical regulations but a front door does not. This study attempts to discuss the necessity of establishing the criteria for noise control in the entrance ...
축-원판-블레이드 연성 계의 고유진동수 수렴특성 연구
Study on the Natural Frequency Convergence Characteristics of a Shaft-disk-blade Coupled System
김형희 · 유홍희
Hyung Hee Kim and Hong Hee Yoo
Shaft-disk-blade coupled systems are widely used in rotating machinery such as helicopters, wind turbines, and steam turbines. In this study, an analytical model of a shaft-disk-blade coupled system is developed by considering the coupling effects in shaft bending, shaft torsion, shaft shear, and blade bending. Next, the natural frequencies of the system are obtained ...
굽힘 파동 전달 특성을 이용한 빔 형상 구조물의 결빙 감지 기법
Icing Detection Method for Beam Shape Structure Using Flexural Wave Transmission Characteristics
박인기 · 박준홍
Inki Park and Junhong Park
In this study, the flexural wave propagation characteristics were used to detect the ice formed on an aircraft wing. In an environmental test chamber, ice was made on a beam simulating an aircraft wing. Vibration was induced to the beam with an excitation shaker in the audio frequency range. The ice enveloped the upper surface of the wing-shaped beam.....
국내 건축 수직배관의 내진성능 평가를 위한 주기하중조건 연구
Study on Cyclic Loading Conditions for Seismic Performance Evaluation of Domestic Riser Pipe
장성진 · 전법규 · 김성완 · 함대기
Sung-Jin Chang, Bub-Gyu Jeon, Sung-Wan Kim and Dae-Gi Hahm
Since the deadly earthquake with a magnitude greater than 5.0 swept over the Korean peninsula, investigations on earthquakes have significantly increased. Numerous damage cases caused by non-structural components such as ceiling and finishing materials were reported. This has drawn significant attention to the seismic performance of these components. This paper demonstrates the methods to assess the seismic performance of non-structural components. Static loading tests were ...
기어 이 파손 정도에 따른 진동신호의 특징기반 경향 감시
Feature-based Trend Monitoring of Vibration Signals According to Severity of Gear Tooth Breakage
정덕영 · 안병현 · 박동희 · 김현중 · 최병근
Deok-Yeong Cheong, Byung-Hyeon Ahn, Dong-Hee Park, Hyeon-Jung Kim and Byeong-Keun Choi
Gear systems are widely used in various industries. However, they fail due to different reasons such as poor manufacturing and assembly processes. Currently, preventive maintenance (PM) is periodically performed to ensure that a gearbox system is safely operating. However, unnecessary PM results in defects and maintenance cost. Therefore, a method to diagnose defects ...
노후 공동주택 바닥구성층 수선에 따른 충격음 차단성능 개선
Study on Improvement of Floor Impact Sound Insulation Performance in Repairing Floor Layers of Aged Apartment
김신태 · 조현민 · 김명준
Sin-Tae Kim, Hyun-Min Cho and Myung-Jun Kim
This study was conducted to investigate the effects of improving the impact sound insulation performance of the floor by repairing the floor structure under 120 mm slab of an aged apartment. This paper focuses on the changing impact sound performance due to frequency band according to the changing floor layer...
Real Scale Test Rotor를 이용한 3점지지 밸런싱에 관한 연구
Study on Three-point Support Balancing using Real Scale Test Rotor
박성훈 · 손민아 · 박동희 · 최병근
Seong-Hun Park, Min-Ah Son, Dong-Hee Park and Byeong-Keun Choi
This study uses a secondary liquified natural gas (LNG) high-pressure pump with a large mass motor and thin, long pump units as the experimental model. There are certain limitations in controlling the amplitude of the pump unit with two-plane balancing considering the vibration response due to the imbalance in the conventional motor unit....
항공기용 MR 댐퍼의 스카이-그라운드 훅 제어기 설계
Design of Sky-ground Hook Controller for MR Damper of Aircraft Landing Gear
강병혁 · 한철희 · 최승복
Byung-Hyuk Kang, Chulhee Han and Seung-Bok Choi
In this paper, a semi-active magnetorheological (MR) damper is proposed that can be applied to main landing gear suspension system of the aircraft. For the modeling of MR damper, a damping force in the annular orifice and an air force in the damper strut are derived. A MR damper with two magnetic cores is designed to control the damping force with sufficient dynamic range. After modeling the damper, its structural design with the annular type bypass for fast tension speed is determined considering...
고급 세단 차량의 노면 가진 타이어 공명음 개선
Reduction of Tire Cavity Noise in Luxury Cars
정철우 · 주재갑 · 김현석 · 박헌
Chulwoo Jung, Jae Kap Joo, Hyeon Seok Kim and Hun Park
The demand for lower levels of road noise in luxury cars has been increasing. Road noise often makes drivers and passengers uncomfortable during driving. Therefore, car makers have tried to reduce the noise. In this paper, the design changes in the chassis of luxury cars to reduce the tire cavity noise are presented. For noise reduction, a finite element model of the target vehicle is employed. First, the road noise is analyzed using the vehicle model. The analysis results efficiently capture the tire cavity noise...
연속사용 금지범위 통과 시 추진축계의 과도 비틀림 진동 해석
Transient Torsional Vibration Analysis of Marine Propulsion Shafting System Passing through Barred Speed Range
이효성 · 김도중 · 강옥현
Hyoseong Lee, Dojoong Kim and Okhyun Kang
To analyze the transient torsional vibration of the propulsion shafting system in the barred speed range (BSR), a method to analyze the non-periodic load condition in the time domain instead of the existing frequency domain analysis is applied. In this paper, the average excitation torque of the engine during acceleration is estimated by the proportional integral controller...
구멍 뚫린 강체 판의 차음 성능 향상을 위한 음향 메타물질 설계
Design of Acoustic Metamaterial to Improve Sound Insulation Performance of a Holey Rigid Plate
김민호 · 이진우
Min Ho Kim and Jin Woo Lee
In this work, we propose a new acoustic metamaterial panel to transmit fluid and attenuate noise in the frequency range of 300 Hz to 600 Hz. The acoustic metamaterial panel is filled with rectangular parallelepiped unit cells and each unit cell consists of a circular duct surrounded with arrayed annular cavities. While the fluid is passed through the duct, the noise in the frequency range of 300 Hz to 600 Hz is attenuated owing to the annular cavities. In each annular cavity...
급수 함수를 이용한 임의 형상 평판의 고정밀도 고유치 해석의 응용
Application of Highly Accurate Eigenvalue Analysis of Arbitrarily Shaped Plates Using Series Functions
Sang-Wook Kang
An extended method for free vibration analysis using series functions is proposed to obtain the accurate eigenvalues of arbitrarily shaped plates with both clamped and simply supported edges. The proposed method can minimize the amount of numerical calculation because it has the advantage of not needing to divide the plate of interest unlike FEM. As the result...
전달경로해석을 이용한 드럼세탁기의 기여도 평가 프로세스 정립
Establishing Procedure of Contribution Analysis on Drum Type Washing Machine Using Transfer Path Analysis
이옥동 · 오재응
Ok-Dong Lee and Jae-Eung Oh
Transfer paths are complex and difficult to analyze. The characteristics of vibration and noise transmission are also complex and various vibrations and noise sources are correlated. In this study, we experimentally investigated the noise and vibration transmission mechanisms of a drum-type washing machine. In addition, we analyzed the transfer path and coherence using the multi-dimensional spectral...
축-굽힘 커플링을 고려한 균열보의 모드진동수 예측
Predicting the Modal Frequencies of a Cracked Beam Considering Axial-bending Coupling
강지강 · 임태정 · 박현우
Ji- Kang, Tae-Jeong Lim and Hyun-Woo Park
This paper presents a frequency equation to predict the modal frequencies of a cracked beam considering axial-bending coupling. The effects of axial-bending coupling are considered for the compatibilities of axial displacement and rotational angle at the crack location. Neglecting all incident evanescent wave motions results in a unified closed-form frequency...
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